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Web motors are available for online purchase and usually ship within 2-5 business days of ordering. These motors consist of our popular series and windings, and offer customizations such as single or double shaft configuration and an encoder option.

These motors are perfect for simple, one-off, projects that do not require specialized or optimized solutions. Web motors come with standard one-year warranty, and limited support.

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Check out our line of Standard Motors. Our Standard motors offer standard customizations, and come with extended customer and product support. Customizations available include motor windings for optimal performance under your specific operating conditions, various shaft customizations; and customized motor leads and connectors. These motor are assembled at our main manufacturing facility in Northern California, where we can quickly provide a prototype (usually within one week), so you can start testing without delay. Standard motors come with a two-year warranty, extended customer support, and extended product support. Standard motors are also available with REACH or Conflict Minerals certifications.

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