Get The Exact Stepper Motor You Need

To meet the specific needs of our customers, Lin Engineering motors are available in four tiers. Each tier commits to a specific level of delivery, selection, and customizations, which allows us to provide the exact motor with the exact specifications you require.

Standard Motors

Standard motors are offered in a wide selection, they are customizable, and come with extended customer and product support. These motors are routinely used in low to high volume production applications. Customizations available include motor windings for optimal performance under your specific operating conditions, various shaft customizations; and customized motor leads and connectors.

Every motor is assembled at our main manufacturing facility in Northern California, where we can quickly provide a prototype (usually within one week), so you can start testing without delay.

Standard motors come with a two-year warranty, extended customer support, and extended product support. Standard motors are also available with REACH or Conflict Minerals certifications.

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Quick Prototype Turnaround

Extended 2 Year Warranty

Full Product Support

Designed and Manufactured in California


Winding Options

Multiple Shaft Options

Variety of Connector and Wiring Options

Encoder Options


Specialty Motors

Specialty motors are designed and manufactured to operate in unique environments for specific applications. Vacuum rated motors, for example, are perfect for environments where out-gassing needs to be minimized, which includes vacuum chambers, space applications, and clean room environments.

IP (Ingress Protection) rated motors are perfect for applications exposed to humidity, water, oil, and other various debris.

We also carry motors that are specifically designed for medical, aerospace (We are an AS9100C registered manufacturer), automotive, and other industries with specific guidelines and requirements.

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IP Rated

High/Low Temp

Aerospace Grade

Automotive Grade

Medical Grade

OEM Motors

All standard and specialty motors are available for high volume purchases. Volume production reduces the overall cost per unit, which makes many customizations more economical to produce. Our experienced engineers can work with your team to help you eliminate costly complexities and over-designing while keeping in mind future developments and improvements. With the benefit of multiple manufacturing facilities—within the United States and in Asia—allows us to maintain whatever volume you need, as well as handle spikes with minimal concern.

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Reduce Overall Cost

Economical Customizations

Fast Prototype Turnaround

Scalable Manufacturing Volumes

Better Supply Chain Control

Full USA Engineering and Quality Support

Kanban Stocking in California

And Much More

Web Motors

Web motors are available for online purchase and ship within 2 days of ordering (excluding weekends). These motors consist of our popular series and windings, and offer customizations such as single or double shaft configuration and an encoder option.

Perfect for simple projects that do not require specialized or optimized solutions. Web motors come with standard one-year warranty, and limited support.

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Standard Motor Windings

Single or Double Shaft Options

With or Without Rotary Encoder

Ships Within 2 Days

Available Online

1 Year, Limited Support Warranty

Call us at 408-919-0200 and speak with one of our applications specialists about your project.

Want us to contact you? Tell us about your application and one of our application specialists will study your project and recommend a motor that is a perfect fit.