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Motor Engineering and Manufacturing

OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

Quick Prototype Turnaround

Small Batch to Large Volume Production

US Based Support and Manufacturing

Our motors and motion control products are routinely used in medical devices, aerospace components, automation assemblies, and many other applications. Thousands of Engineers from around the world rely on the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of our products as well as our top-notch support.

We’ll help you:

Here at Lin Engineering, we find solutions to your problems by focusing on three basic elements: Find, Optimize, and Integrate. There are such a vast number of products on the market that just narrowing the options can be difficult. Our engineers will help you find the motor you need. The motor is then can be optimized to your application by changing the winding, magnets, bearings, and more. We work with your team throughout this process to customize the motor to your application so it can be seamlessly integrated within your product or assembly.


Our team will help you find the right motor for the job from our vast selection of products.


The motor is optimized for the best performance within your specific application.


Our Team will customize the motor for seamless integration within your product or assembly.

Engineering Support

For OEM Motor Projects, we’ll work directly with your engineering team throughout the design phase of your project to ensure the best overall system optimization and motor fit while avoiding over-engineering. Our experienced engineers can help you eliminate costly complexities and over-designing while keeping in mind future developments and improvements. Remember, we’ve been solving challenging problems in motion control for over 30 years!

Applications Support

OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

Engineering Support

Help optimize the performance of the motors for your specific application and customize it for seamless integration within your system.

Prototyping Support

Quickly assemble and test prototypes for your application.

Manufacturing Support

Scalable Manufacturing Volumes

We grow with your needs. Our multiple manufacturing facilities—within the United States and in Asia — allows us to maintain the volume you need, as well as handle spikes with minimal concern. Our Northern California facility is optimized for low to mid-volume production, while our off-shore facilities are optimized for high volume production, allowing us to scale with your manufacturing requirements. As demand for your product increases in the marketplace, so too does our ability to provide you with the stock you need. Furthermore, we guarantee identical quality assurance regardless of your order quantity.

High Volume Order

5,000 to 5,000,000+ units/annually

Depending on monthly demand or motor customizations, production will take place at our Northern California or overseas location. For a fast turnaround, we can start the production in Northern California and move it to our overseas location for scheduled volume delivery.

Standard Production Volumes

500 - 5,000+ units/annually

Standard Scheduled volume deliveries can be accommodated in Northern California or overseas depending on present quantity outputs at each location, as well as your immediate needs for stock. Lead planning is suggested, based on your accurate forecasting.

Batch Volumes

10 - 500+ units

Optimized for low to medium volume production runs, our Northern California facility can produce as few as 10 motors or as many as 500 motors—with minimum lead time to ensure you get exactly what you need, quickly.

Supply Chain Support

When designing a product it is also important to think about the supply chain design to ensure once your product is brought to market you can continually receive the parts to make it. With this in mind, once a motor design is complete we can continue to provide that exact motor for the entire life of your product or as long as you need. This combined with our available Kanban stocking allows us to provide quick turn around times and long term support for your products.

On-Time Delivery

Scheduled deliveries to support your manufacturing schedule

Kanban Stocking

Kanban stocking available within the USA.

Long-Term Support

Long-term product availability and support upon agreement