Manufacturing Volume Capability

We Will Handle Your Volume Needs!

High Volume Order

5,000+ units/annually

Depending on monthly demand or motor customization, production will take place at our Northern California or overseas location. For fast turnaround, we can start the production in Northern California and moves it to our overseas location for scheduled volume delivery.

Standard Production Volumes

500 - 5,000+ units/annually

Standard Scheduled volume deliveries can be accommodated in Northern California or overseas and depending on present quantity outputs at each location, as well as your immediate needs for ramping up. Lead planning is suggested, based on your accurate forecasting.

Batch Volumes

10 - 500+ units

Optimized for low to medium volume production runs, our Northern California facility can produce as few as 10 motors or as many as 500 motors—with minimum lead time to ensures you get exactly what you need, quickly.

All of our engineering and prototyping is done at our Norther California facility, while our production options are based on volume and customization levels—assembly can occur in Northern California or overseas. Most importantly, Lin Engineering is capable of meeting your volume requirements, whatever they might be!

Tell Us About Your Volume Needs

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