OEM Motors

Imagine being in the middle of your latest design project when you realize that no one makes a motor that will fulfill the needs of your end product. What’s worse is that there’s no additional budget dollars to pay for a custom component. You sense you’re dead in the water.

Your design is an innovation over one of your highly profitable systems. You sell thousands of units per month. The end product has a history, but even if it didn’t, estimated sales in the thousands means that you’re buying OEM quantities of every component—including the motors you’ll need. Could that lower the cost of a custom motor to the point of breaking even?

We’ve dealt with this situation before and know that we can alleviate your fears. We produce prototypes in a short time, will design a motor specifically to your specifications, and the final cost per unit for high-volume components will rival that of your initial budget.

We have our own high-volume manufacturing plant in Asia, where we transfer all off-shore cost savings directly to our customers, while maintaining our designed-in quality control and traceability standards so that you can expect the same grade of product no matter the quantity. And if you get caught off-guard by a steep rise in orders, know that we provide Kanban stocking in California, which will smooth out the spike in your manufacturing demand.

We provide everything you need to remain confident when you decide to ramp up your design in conjunction with the design support provided by Lin Engineering, so that you get the customized components needed for your latest innovation and trust that you’ll get the quality required to repeatedly deliver the high-end product you’ve designed.

Reduce the overall cost per unit

Work directly with our Engineers

Get prototypes fast

We grow with your needs

Kanban Stocking in California

Various Shaft, Connectorization, and Other Options Available

Reduce Cost

Volume production reduces the overall cost per unit, which makes many customizations more economical to produce. We can provide motors that are designed to your precise needs with proprietary or non-proprietary customizations to ensure the perfect fit into your product.

Engineering Support

For high-volume orders, we’ll works directly with your engineering team throughout the design phase of your project to ensure the best overall system optimization and motor fit while avoiding over-engineering. Our experienced engineers can help you eliminate costly complexities and over-designing while keeping in mind future developments and improvements. Remember, we’ve been solving challenging problems in motion control for over 30 years!

Fast Prototype Turnaround

Our Northern California manufacturing facility doubles as our prototyping facility, which means our engineers work within the premises of the manufacturing facility, and have access to the same tools that will be used to produce your motor in volume. This gives us a much higher flexibility to try out different components and windings to ensure the motor will perform at its best. This also ensures that prototypes operate the same as the manufactured parts. Plus, we test each motor in real time.

Scalable Manufacturing Volumes

We grow with your needs. The benefit of multiple manufacturing facilities—within the United States and in Asia—allows us to maintain whatever volume you need, as well as handle spikes with minimal concern. Our Northern California facility is optimized for low to mid volume production, while our off-shore facilities are optimized for high volume production, which allows us to scale with your manufacturing requirements. As the demand for your product in the marketplace multiplies, our ability to provide what you need increases as well. Furthermore, we guarantee the identical quality assurance.

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