Features & Benefits:
•  Highly Integrated
•  High Torque
•  High Efficiency
•  Multiple Sizes
•  Optional Hall Sensors

Frameless BLDC motors allow for maximum integration with your assembly.

Typical standard BLDC motors are structurally and mechanically self-supporting. The rotor is suspended inside the stator using end-caps at both ends. Whatever apparatus needs to be attached, is usually bolted onto the end-caps. End caps can easily account for up to 50 percent of the motor’s overall length.

Frameless motors reduce waste and redundancy by eliminating the need for additional mounting supports, plates, or brackets. All structural and mechanical supports needed for the design can be integrated directly into the apparatus. The benefit is that both the stator and the rotor can be seamlessly incorporated into the system, reducing size without sacrificing performance.

This provides you with greater opportunities to explore various shapes and sizes of the motor. The motor can be designed to fit the application rather than forcing the application to fit the motor. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to design systems with the smallest footprint possible.


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