LE Linear Actuators

LE Linear actuators are available in two configuration types. Standard configuration offers a wide range of motor options, lead screw options, and nut options. Our Rapid Prototyping line is optimized for quick prototype turnaround–as little as 10 business days.

Select an LE Linear Actuator line that is right for your needs:

Rapid Prototyping Configurator
For Fast Prototype Turnaround

  • Answer four simple questions about your needs
  • Select from over 800 potential combinations for fast delivery
  • Start testing and configuring your system quickly
  • Decide on your final motor requirements
  • Nail down production unit specifications

Rapid Prototype Configurator is a tool to help you configure and receive a prototype motor so you can start your evaluations quickly, easily, and with confidence.

Standard Linear Actuators
with External Nut

  • Many configurations available
  • Anti-backlash and Free Wheeling Nuts
  • Standard lead time of 4 to 6 weeks
  • LinFinity Nut option

Are you looking for less maintenance, less heat, less noise, more accuracy, and longer lifespan?

Our patented LinFinity™ linear actuator technology may be just the right solution for you. Click below to learn more about LinFinity™ Linear Actuator Systems.