Custom Windings

Custom Windings

Custom Windings
Features and Benefits:
    Not all stepper motors are made equal and the winding configuration plays a big role. Custom stepper motor winding configurations are available free of cost for both protoype and production volumes. Please see below for more information and request a quote to get started!

Avoid Trial & Error By understanding your application requirements and designing a stepper motor specifically for it, we can help you avoid the costly trial & error process.

Avoid common problems like:
• stalling
• skipping steps
• vibration (resonance)

Windings Custom to Your Application

Speed: high and low speeds
Torque: torque output tailored to your application
Temperature: high and low temperature windings


Efficiency An efficiency curve exists for every motor help ensure that the proper one has been seleted. The image depicts three different motor efficiencies when plotted across a speed range. Some motors, such as #1, perform at their best only at low speeds while others, such as #3, perform better at high speeds.