• Frame Size: NEMA 06
  • |
  • Step Angle: 3.46°

106 Series

Hybrid Stepper Motor

Features and Benefits:
  • Just 16mm Wide - Our Smallest Hybrid Stepper
  • 104 steps per revolution
  • Up to 2.1 oz-in (14.82 mN‐m) holding torque
  • 4x More Holding Torque Than Can Stack PM Steppers
  • 5x More Accurate Than Can Stack PM Steppers
  • Operates At Over 8,000 RPM

Available windings for the 106 Series motor:

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Model Number: NEMA size: Step Angle: Connection Type: Length in (mm): Current AMP: Holding Torque oz-in (Nm): Resistance: Inertia (oz-in^2): Weight (lbs): Number of Leads:
106-13-0163.46°Bipolar1.30 (33.0)0.602.1 (0.014)6.580.009070.104

Standard Motor Dimensions

Model Number: Length A (in) Length A (mm)
106-13-011.30 in33.0 mm

Specialty Motors

Specialty motors are designed and manufactured to operate in unique environments for specific applications. Vacuum rated motors, for example, are perfect for environments where out-gassing needs to be minimized, which includes vacuum chambers, space applications, and clean room environments.

IP (environmental protection) rated motors are perfect for applications exposed to humidity, water, oil, and other various debris.

We also carry motors that are specifically designed for medical, aerospace, automotive, and other industries with specific guidelines and requirements.

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IP Rated Motors

Vacuum Rated Motors

High/Low Temp Operation

Aerospace Grade

Automotive Grade

Medical Grade

OEM Motors

OEM Motors are best for high volume orders. We will works side-by-side with you and your team to design a motor that will fit the precise needs of your application. All Engineering and Support is done in-house, in our Northern California facility. Prototypes are assembled at this facility as well.

Manufacturing will take place at our High-Volume manufacturing facility in Asia, with Kanban Stocking in California.

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Designed from the Ground Up

Better Supply Chain Control

Frameless Motors

Integrated Components

Custom Housings

Custom Stator Designs

Custom Shaft Designs

And Much More

Web Motors

Web motors are available for online purchase and ship within 2 days of ordering (excluding weekends). These motors consist of our popular series and windings, and offer customizations such as single or double shaft configuration and an encoder option.

Perfect for simple, one-off, projects that do not require specialized or optimized solutions. Web motors come with standard one-year warranty, and limited support.

Select Windings

Rear Shaft Option

Encoder Option

Ships Within 2 days

Available Online

1 Year, Limited Support Warranty

Following motors are available for online purchase:

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Model Number: NEMA size: Step Angle: Connection Type: Length in (mm): Current AMP: Holding Torque oz-in (Nm): Resistance: Inertia (oz-in^2): Weight (lbs): Number of Leads:

Web Motor Dimensions

Model Number: Length A (in) Length A (mm)

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Here are some of the most popular windings for this motor:

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Availability: Model Number: NEMA size: Step Angle: Connection Type: Length in (mm): Current AMP: Holding Torque oz-in (Nm): Resistance: Inertia (oz-in^2): Weight (lbs): Number of Leads:
Get a Quote106-13-0163.46°Bipolar1.30 (33.0)0.602.1 (0.014)6.580.009070.104

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We can customize your motor's winding to maximize the torque at your desired operating speed (within the constraints of power input and motor size). You get this completely free of charge.

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Model Number: Length A (in) Length A (mm)
106-13-011.30 in33.0 mm

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In motion control, no two designs are the same. When you’re optimizing for the best efficiency, accuracy, or speed, you don’t want a motor that is close enough, you want a motor that will meets your requirements precisely. This is exactly what we can provide: a motor with the exact specifications you need for your specific design or application.

On Demand Assembly

Our unique method of assembly allows us to stock a large selection of standard components that can be assembled in a multitude of ways for your specific needs. This allows us to assemble a motor that meets your exact specifications, with minimal lead time, and at a great price point.

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Custom Components & Custom Motors

In situations where a more custom solution is required, we can modify many components to meet your exact specifications. Our in-house machine shop can produce custom components such as housings and shafts, while our wiring department can create custom wire harnesses for specific applications. By combining custom components with our On-Demand assembly process, you’ll get a customized motor at a lower cost, and at faster lead time than what’s available from most traditional manufacturers.

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Whether you choose Lin Engineering’s ready-to-ship product, or our On-Demand product, or a customized solution, the end result is that you get exactly what you need, at a fantastic price point, with minimal lead time.

Here are few more benefits you’ll enjoy while working with us:




Our stepper motors consistently outperform competitive products in accuracy—by at least 2x that of industry standards.



Every motor shipped is inspected beforehand to ensure your motor performs as specified. You benefit from consistent performance from your application.



The quality of every component that goes into each Lin Engineering stepper motor as well as every step of the manufacturing process is tightly scrutinized and managed to the highest standards. We follow lean manufacturing practices and even developed our own 4.5 Sigma Way quality assurance system. We guarantee that our product will meet or exceed your needs and greatly reduce the potential for costly RMA’s.



We’ve received many patents related to stepper motor technology. We’ve even reinvented a stepper motor from the ground up—check out our Z-Series motor for the smoothest, quietest, and most accurate motion available.


Meet Requirements

We manufacture and keep data with accordance to ISO9001:2008, AS9100C and many other standards. For this reason, our motors can be found in numerous FDA and FAA-approved applications.




We can customize windings to ensure maximum torque and performance at a desired speed as well as customize the connections, shaft, housing, and add an encoder. Our motors are designed to fit your application, not the other way around.


Small And Large Quantity Manufacturing

Our unique On-Demand manufacturing process is optimized for speed and efficiency, allowing us to make just a few units or as many as thousands of units at a time.

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Rapid Prototyping

We can provide working prototypes quickly, which allows you to begin critical testing of the application right away so that getting the product to market happens as fast as possible.

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One of the biggest problems Engineers face while designing ever-smaller devices is making things move. As the size of equipment decreases, the demand for smaller motors increase. However, oftentimes small enough motors simply don’t exist, and if they do, they do not provide enough torque or speed to be useful in the application. Often, the only option is to use a large framed motor and shrink everything else around it. Motion control is the real bottleneck which forces Engineers to compromise on the footprint of their device.

Our new 106 Hybrid Stepper Motor is what many Engineers have been waiting for. It solves many of the problems in motion control which prevented equipment from getting smaller.

By applying our experience and our Engineering know-how in the field of Hybrid Stepper Motor technology, we were able to succeed where many have failed. We’ve successfully created a NEMA 6 sized stepper motor that delivers plenty of performance. The 106 outperforms all other motors of similar size on nearly all metrics: it delivers more torque at higher speeds with greater accuracy.

The 106 measures just 16mm in width, making it one of the smallest Hybrid Stepper Motors on the market today. The NEMA 6 frame size means that the 106 Hybrid Stepper Motor can be designed into challenging spots with minimal allotted space. Spots where conventional hybrid stepper motors could not previously fit. This opens up a far broader Engineering flexibility and the ability to design much smaller equipment.

By increasing the step angle from a typical 1.8 degree to 3.46 degree, we are able to achieve nearly twice as much holding torque as closest competing design, and nearly four times more holding torque than a conventional permanent magnet (PM) stepper motor of similar size (which usually top-out at only 0.5 oz-in of holding torque).

A typical PM motor may only deliver 20 steps per revolution, or a step angle of 18 degrees. In comparison, our 3.46 degree motor delivers 5.7 times higher resolution than a typical PM motor. High resolution translates to higher precision. The 106 offers all of the benefits of a hybrid stepper, and none of the drawbacks of a PM motor.

The 106 can deliver similar speed performance of a BLDC motor. By combining the 3.46 degree step angle with our low inertia rotor design, we are able to achieve over 1 oz-in of dynamic torque at 8000 RPM.


The 106 is a perfect candidate for many applications that require tiny motors, especially in the field of medical devices and laboratory automation. Applications that require high degree of precision like miniature pumps, fluid metering and control, and optical sensor controls can take advantage of the 106 motor. The 106 can even be incorporated into motorized hand tools like electronic pipettes, and other handheld devices where Hybrid Stepper Motors were previously impossible to integrate.

Handheld Tools

Flow Control Valves

Optical/Aperture Control

Miniature Pumps

Pinch Valves

Optical Sensor Control